Exclusive manufacturer of the amazing Aztec Nomad Floatplane and Amphibian

Aztec Nomad Inc. is proud to announce our exciting new aircraft that leaves the competition far behind. The incredible Aztec Nomad, available on straight or amphibious floats offers MORE. More useful load, speed, rate of climb, range, comfort, safety and value. If you have ever flown a Piper Aztec, you will understand the outstanding performance of this rugged aircraft. It is no surprise that when floats are installed, the remarkable performance continues. Recent modifications including 3 foot wing extensions, vortex generators, seaplane propellers and a 500 lb. increased gross weight have made the Aztec Nomad even more impressive. Stall speed a meagre 49 KTS; rate of climb 950 ft/min; cruise 135 KTS for up to 7 hours; all this with an 1800 lb. useful load on amphibs. and 2200 lbs. on straight floats. This is a true six place aircraft.

We are convinced there is nothing that compares to the Aztec Nomad. Give us the opportunity to show you with a demo flight. Please continue on through our website to learn more about the Aztec Nomad and to see what we have for sale at this time.