Cowl Modification

Ask any mechanic what he thinks about removing Aztec cowls and he will utter something unrepeatable.

If you own or work on a fuel injected non-turbo Piper Aztec, we have an approved cowl mod that will save you many hours of labour and real dollars, not to mention the frustration of removing unnecessary cowls for engine work.

Our latest Canadian STC #SA05-90 and F.A.A. STC #SA02334NY splits the lower engine cowl just forward of the air box allowing all engine compartment cowls to be removed in minutes while the nasty cowl flap, air box and wing fairing sections remain on the aircraft.

We engineered this for our floatplane conversion because of the difficulty of removing the cowls on floats and then realized that it would be highly desirable for land plane Aztecs.  We are now offering this to you.

The attached photos are of float planes if you were wondering what those struts and steps are.

You won't have to schedule a full day to change a starter.  This is now done in an hour and the exhaust system can be inspected at the same time.

The STC paperwork is complete with working drawings, bill of material (approx. $400.00 US for Camlocs and aluminum), maintenance manual, flight manual and a copy of the STC validated only for your aircraft.  Your STC will be exclusively for the registration and serial number of your aircraft.  It cannot be duplicated for use on another aircraft.

Your mechanic can complete this mod easily in 2 days.  The cowl paint job is not disturbed so repainting is not necessary.

COST: $795.00 U.S.