Open pilot door from the outside Pilot Door from inside the cockpit Closed Pilot Door from the outside
Door Modification

AZTEC NOMAD INC. now offers a convenient pilot door STC #SA1810WE for ALL fuel injected Aztecs. No more climbing over your front passengers. No more first-in, last-out scenario. Now you can load your aircraft and then enter through your own door. You will have the added benefit of cabin cooling while on the ground by opening the door for welcome air circulation - all of this at the pilot's fingertips. You will no longer have to slam the co-pilot door over and over again from the inside to close it. Now, gentle pressure from outside will close the door properly, instantly saving damage so common on Aztec co-pilot doors.

The pilot door is standard on all our seaplane conversions and is indispensable for float operations. We are sure that if you are operating on wheels, you will wonder how you got along without it. Attention to detail has been a priority for all AZTEC NOMAD INC. modifications for the pilot door and step installation results in no noticeable decrease in flight performance.


The door and frame are manufactured with carbon reinforced material providing strength and lightweight properties. The door opening is 34" high and 21" wide with an installed weight of 9 lbs. Wingwalk, fuselage handle and fuselage step are installed for easy entry and exit. We utilize your existing interior upholstery, giving a factory-installed appearance. The door and frame are painted to match the existing paint scheme.

Pilot Entry Step

Please contact our factory to have your pilot door installed.